Amherst Internment Camp

One of Canada's largest Prisoner of War Camps was located at the corner of Hickman and Park Streets. Once the home of the Canada Car Co., this facility, which was over a quarter of a mile long, was quickly converted to house over 800 men during the First World War. Leon Trotsky, who would go on to aid Nikolai Lenin to victory during the Russian Revolution, was held in the Amherst Camp for about a month in 1917. The following passage comes from his autobiography:

HMCS Amherst

Following commissioning in August of 1941, the HMCS Amherst arrived at Halifax on August 22nd and after working up, joined Newfoundland Command in October. She was steadily employed as an ocean escort for the succeeding three years during which time she was involved in two particularly hard fought convoy battles.

Amherst Armoury

After debates amongst citizens, the town council, and Ottawa, construction of the Amherst Armoury finally in 1912. Crews finished construction on the Armoury in late 1914, and the building was put to immediate use.