We are working on having a cohesive list of labeled photos from our archives. Want a clearer scan of an image? Send us an email and we will see what we can do. Please see the in-progress list of these photos below:

Excerpt from The Mayflower (official NNSH paper) highlighting Pte. Hayter
Excerpt from The Mayflower (official NNSH paper) highlighting CSM. Fitzgerald

Photo of Lt. Sutherland of Amherst, NS.

Newspaper clipping describing Stanley Dudka as seriously ill.

Photo of Alphonso D’eon
Photo in Nanaimo BC 1943, three North Novies. Possible names: V. Conoi and John Towahhi
Pte. Legere, A., Springhill: Burton, AD., Springhill: Pte. Henderson, F.A., Truro: Cpl Bartlette, V.H., Truro: L/Cpl. Allan, RJ, Amherst: Pte. Cormier, S.G., Amherst: Fougere, G., Shediac.
This photo of “D” Co North Nova Scotia Highlanders was taken in March 1944. Top row from the left are: RP McGrath, C Living-Dubruski, L.W Pound, AJ MacDonald, JA Chappelle, L/Cpl AT Doucette, JM Russell, VD Bouchie, JH Anderson, E MacKinnon, LE Farmer, JA MacDonald and LA MacEachern. Second row: F. Anderyck, VJ Elliot, AL Morrison, N Strickland, N Hart CR, FFW Bernard, S. Arsenault, KF Davis, JH Grant, GE Alley, G Ansell, JH Capstick, WA Green, OT Crooks. Third row: WG Thompson, AJ Gaudet, GF Gaudet, WL Simpson, RJ Stubbard, CE Howe, JFT Mills, R MacEwan, CS MacKenzie, RF Butts, JE Lablanc / Leblanc, AA Gallant, DJ Warnell and CJ Arsenault. Fourth row BJ Vacon, J Smith, WA Young, WA Cameron, GA Clark, J Holloway, L Metlin, FN Cook, ME Peterson, RC Fillmore, EA Smith, AB Frelick, IW Reid, CE Anthony and HJ Walsh. Fifith row: WAA Roberts, W Boutlier, WJ Cousins, DV Chappelle, RR Fleurry, LG Burden, JW Bates, LJ Gaudet, GA Ellsworth, R Hillier, DL Horton, GH Burrough, WA MacKillop and EJ Grant. Sixth row: JA Folland, RC Forfitt, JE Gallant, AJ Surrette, TE Flemming, LD Ross, GD Raymond, JP Gallant, GR Brush, EJ Bondy, GB Gaudet, L/Cpl Gibbs, AA Cpl EA Georveatte, L/CPL TF Bears and L/Cpl F Kelly. Seventh row: Cpl JE Robertson, Lieut. R. LaBorin, Capt Kennedy, Lieut JW Campbell, Lieut MA McTague, Lieut C MacDonald, Capt HG Longley, Major CF Kennedy, CSM HJ Bishop, CQMS JW Lavers, Sgt AJ Arsenault, Sgt VH Bartlett, Sgt RJ Allen, Sgt RC Ambrose, Cpl FE MacKenzie. Front Row: WH Deveau, L/Cpl RN MacMillan, Cpl JD MacLure, Cpl AT Cannon, Cpl LD Wigmore, Cpl AA Casey, C/Cpl AA Fraser, L/Cpl WS Stevenson, LJ Brown, L/Cpl AJ MacIntosh and L/Cpl JV Creed.

Back row L to R: Capt, Capt. Forrest, Sgt, Capt. Horne, Sgt. Taylor, Capt, Lt, Lt, Capt. Joseph ?, Capt. Morreau, Lt., Capt. Wood. Front row L to R: Maj. Jack Buchanan, Maj. Johnston, Maj. Taylor, Lt Col Smith, Lt Col Douglas.

Back Row L to R: Lt, Major Sanford, Lt. Ardean, Maj Bruce Ardene, Maj, Lt. Front Row L to R: Murdoch, Major Lloyd Watling, Capt. Wagner.
Lieutenant-General Charles Foulkes (left center), GOC 1st Canadian Corps, accepts the surrender of General Johannes Blaskowitz. Wageningen, Netherlands May 5th 1945
Photo of F. Dickson and A. D’Eon in Nordeich, May of 1945.
Ernie Hodgkins and John Heffinnan (NNSH, Cork Leave December 1945)
Horace Boucher, John Burke, ? , Pete Brodie

Holland-Ziest. Rowborrom, Campbell, Astley, Giroux
Back reads “This is a Langille fellow from Amherst” ” J. A Langille, B.A Richard”
Fourth Row Left: Left to right: Pte. McDonald, JA Truro: Mills, JHN Amherst: Cpl Cuthberton, J. Truro: L/Cpl Bruce, CF Truro, Sgt Pearson, GJ Truro, Pte Frizzell, FJ Truro: Baillie, WA River John. Ross, GA. Tatamagouche, Cpl Holm, Amherst. Pte O’Connell, J. Truro.
Third Row, Left: Left to right– L/Cpl Vance, EF, Truro: Ptes. Rutherford, CH., Truro: McDonald, DB, Springhill: Ellis, A, Springhill: Cameron, JP, Springhill: Beaton, A., Springhill: McAloney, CF, Parrsboro
Alphonso D’eon

“Cam McMillian, cousin of Sgt. McMillian. Shan Wilson, Ravinosky, WI Brown Jordan”
F. Dickson, E. Hopper, C. LeDrew, A. Winstanley, C. Stewart
Rees, Grover, Henderson, Green, Langtange, MacDonald
Photo of W.J Brooks “Jack”

North Sidney 1940. Front: Cpl. Monkey – Jack McNalley, “B” Weatherbee. Gordon Pearson, Syd Hughes. Back: Clair Mosher, Ivan Hamilton, Gordon Pyke, ?

Pte. Lower PA, Alehorn, Cummings (killed overseas), Lower AHR. Taken at Harsham
Pte Vaughn Adams of Smith’s Cove, Sgt. Harold Kearley of New Glasgow, and Pte. Foster Smith of Truro

Peter “Hex” Brown

Chas Stewart and wife. Riviere-du-Loup 1978
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