This Nova Scotia flag has an amazing story to tell. It was presented to the North Nova Scotia Highlanders during a ceremony in Amherst, NS on 30 July 1940 by Provincial Premier, the Hon. A.S. MacMillan. The flag would sail to Europe with “The Originals” aboard the “Orion” on 21 July 1941. The flag would be raised in England, Scotland, France, Belgium, Holland, and Germany.

The North Nova Scotia Highlanders claim that this actual flag was the first Canadian Flag flown on German soil. The photo below is the raising of the flag outside of a large manor house just over the German border, east of the village of Beek, Holland. The house was reported to belong to the Aunt of Marshal of the Reich, Herman Goering, Commander of the Luftwaffe and a senior member of the Nazi Party.

Returned to Canada with the battalion on the “Duchess of Bedford” which arrived in Halifax on 31 December 1945. The flag would remain in the hands of the North Nova Scotia Highlanders until the 1st Reunion of the North Nova Scotia Highlanders Memory Club in Amherst 1947. At that time, the flag was turned over to the Premier of Nova Scotia, the Hon. Angus L. MacDonald. It would rest in the Public Archives in Halifax until it returned to the North Novas in 1998 and now sits on display in the Nova Scotia Highlanders Regimental Museum in Amherst, Nova Scotia.

Raising the North Novas Battle Flag on German soil are (l to r): Sgt. Kelly Grant and R.S.M. J.L. MacNeil

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