Today’s Cumberland Soldier of the Week is Pte. Percival “Percy” Seymour Martin of Amherst, NS!

Pte. Martin was born in 1889 on East Pleasant Street. At age 26, he joined the Royal Canadian Regiment with the 106th Battalion and was sent overseas in the latter half 1915.

Pte. Martin showed extreme courage and bravery while fighting in Europe, he was wounded at Vimy Ridge, and was later gassed in the Battle of Hill 70 in Lens, France. He managed to recover and fought again in August until the Germans surrendered.

In 1919, in recognition of his valiant actions and devotion to service, Pte. Martin was awarded the Military Medal by the British Government. He was the first Black person in Nova Scotia to receive such an award.

We thank Pte. Martin for his service! 

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