The North Novie of the Week is Pte. Russell Hayter of High Bank, PEI!

Pte. Hayter worked on his father’s farm before joining the PEI Highlanders in February of 1940, at the age of 22. He was sent to Newfoundland, where he spent months on guard duty at the Gander Airport. 

In 1943, he joined the Irish Regiment of Canada and sailed to Italy. Pte. Hayter fought at Ortona, Rimini, and Ramena. He was wounded on his 26th birthday and taken out of action for about a month before returning. He was then wounded again in the Gothic Line before recovering two weeks later.

It was after these battles that he ended up with the North Novas. Shortly after VE-Day (victory in Europe), Pte. Hayter volunteered to aid other areas that needed assistance. He came across the North Nova Scotia Highlanders in Nunspeet, The Netherlands. He stayed with them until the later half of 1946, serving as a member of ‘B Coy’. 

In the last edition of The Mayflower, the North Novies’ regimental newsletter, Pte. Hayter is described as “certainly one of the boys”. 

We thank Pte. Hayter for his service!

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