Description of the Queen’s Colour

The Queen’s Colour consists of the Great Union flag, made of silk, with a fringe of gold and crimson. The Queen’s Colour bears a crimson circle, with the name of the Regiment on the inside, the Battalion numeral in the centre of the circle, and a crown above.

Description of the Regimental Colour

The Regimental Colour is made of blue silk, with a fringe and gilt silk. A crimson circle is the centre bears the name of the Regiment on the outside in gold lettering. In the centre of the circle is an emblem consisting of a Mayflower in natural colours superimposed on a silver Cross of St. Andrew. A wreath of autumnal tinted maple leaves and Scottish thistle with a crown above and Regimental Motto at the base of the wreath, which surrounds the crimson circle. A wreath of golden laurel branches bearing battle honour scrolls encircles the whole design. All scrolls are in white with black lettering. The Battalion numeral appears in the upper right hand corner, next to the pike.

Battle Honours for Emblazonment

The following Battle Honours have been approved for emblazonment on the Regimental Colour and appear on the Colour in the sequence and pattern below:

  1. Ypres, 1917
  2. Mount Sorrel
  3. Arras, 1917, 1918
  4. Vimy, 1917
  5. Passchendaele
  6. Amiens
  7. Drocourt-Queant
  8. Hindenburg Line
  9. France & Flanders, 1915-18
  10. Canal du Nord
  11. Liri Valley
  12. Gothic Line
  13. Coriano
  14. Lamone Crossing
  15. Italy, 1944-45
  16. Authie
  17. Chambois
  18. Boulogne, 1944
  19. Breskens Picket
  20. The Rhine
  21. South Africa, 1899-1900

Authorized Marches

Regimental Quick March:

The Sweet Maid of Glendauruel

1st Battalion Quick March:

Athol Highlanders & Piobaireachd of Donald Dhu

2nd Battalion Quick March:

The Highland Laddie

Slow March:

My Home

Nova Scotia Highlanders Songs

Fighting North Novas:

Performed by Benny Richards

North Nova Tartan:

Performed by Benny Richards

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