General Description

The Cap Badge of the Nova Scotia Highlanders has the Cross of St. Andrew, with the Coat of Arms of the Province of Nova Scotia (Argent, on a saltire azure an escutcheon of the Royal Arms of Scotland) in the center. Encircling the arms, an annulus inscribed on the upper curve with the motto “SIOL NA FEAR FEARAIL” (Breed of Manly Men), and on the lower curve with the designation “Nova Scotia Highlanders”.


The dimensions of the Regimental Cap Badge is as follows:

  • Height: 2 1/4 inches
  • Width: 2 1/4 inches


Officers and Regimental Sergeant-Majors: The Coat of Arms of Nova Scotia in silver with the saltire in blue enamel, the Royal Arms of Scotland in gilt and the remainder of the badge in silver.

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