Here at the museum, we have a variety of artifacts and documents pertaining to the Amherst Internment Camp.

We have the privilege of displaying a cello carved by one of the camp’s prisoners. The top of cello is particularly unique, as the prisoner carved a comical face into the instrument. This face is supposedly meant to represent a guard the prisoner didn’t like.

We also have two violins on display that may or may not have been made by prisoners. Regardless of their makers, they were used in the camp’s drama club.

Amherst Internment Camp Hockey Team, 1917

The photo above features some of the guards of the Amherst Internment/POW Camp who made up the camp’s hockey team. It shines a light on the interesting extracurriculars that were allowed in the camp. Prisoners and guards took part in drama and music clubs, and were known for creating a variety of different kinds of artwork.

The Cumberland County Museum in Amherst, NS., hosts many other of these pieces of art. They include wood sculptures carved by German POWs and Canadians of Ukrainian descent who were interned. To learn more about these artifacts, go here: Home (

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