The North Novie of the Week is Cpl. Earl Gouchie of Amherst, NS!

Cpl. Gouchie was born in Nappan, Nova Scotia. He trained in Amherst, NS before heading overseas during WW2 as an original North Nova Scotia Highlander. Cpl. Gouchie was a Rifleman for ‘D’ Company, and was a D-Day veteran.

Cpl. Gouchie was considered a charmer, and was known for being an incredibly kind man. In downtown Amherst, there is a mural to commemorate the North Novies. While the original mural was being painted, Cpl. Gouchie brought the painter, Jennifer Morris Cormier, a coffee every morning and would sit and keep her company while she worked. To honour Cpl. Gouchie, Jennifer painted his piercing blue eyes on one of the soldier’s in the mural.

He died in 2010 at the age of 93. We will always remember him.

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