The North Novie of the Week is Charles Doucette of the Membertou Mi’kmaq First Nation, Sydney, NS!

Pte. Doucette served with the NNSH as part of C Company. On June 6th 1944, he fought alongside his fellow men in an attempt to defend Authie, France. When the Germans took over Authie, many men were captured. Pte. Doucette was one of these captured soldiers. He was murdered by SS troops in the Abbey Ardenne Massacre the following day.

We wish to highlight some personal details of his service that so many forget, that get drowned out by the tragedies of WW2.

We ask that you remember that Pte. Charles Doucette sent letters home to his family, even though he could not write. He had fellow soldiers write down what he wanted to let his loved ones know. He was a quiet, humble, and well-liked man. Pte. Doucette would also make small gifts for his wife and daughters while he was overseas, such as an embroidered handkerchief he made for his daughter, Caroline.

We will remember him.

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