The North Novie of the Week is Pte. Albin Frank Sumara of Springhill, NS!

Pte. Sumara was born on May 4th 1918 in Joggins, NS. Before the war, he worked as a miner. He enlisted into the Canadian Armed Forces in 1940, following in his late uncle’s footsteps.

Pte. Sumara disembarked on June 6th, 1944 (D-Day). While in Belgium, Pte. Sumara accompanied Lieutenant-Colonel Forbes to inspect the surroundings of their company’s final objective. Sadly, they were met with rapid gunfire and Pte. Sumara made the ultimate sacrificed.

He was temporarily buried on a farm in The Netherlands along with 25 other fallen North Novies, before being moved to a proper burial ground.

We thank Pte. Sumara for his service! We will remember him.

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