Pte. MacDonald was a jeep driver with ‘B’ Company. As a jeep driver, Pte. MacDonald had the dangerous jobs of taking wounded soldiers off the battle field, bringing supplies to the frontlines, and carrying messages.

Pte. MacDonald was ‘mentioned in despatches’ for bravery. It is arguable that many jeep drivers like Pte. MacDonald were denied full medals for such actions of bravery because they were ‘just doing their job’. It may have been his job, but it was a very dangerous job at that. The gas tank in the jeeps he would have been driving were right underneath the driver’s seat! (If any shots made the tank, the whole jeep could explode)

There is no doubt in our minds that by ‘doing his job’, Pte. MacDonald showed incredible courage! We thank him for his service.

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